How to keep your car cool during the summer months

Motoring in the summer can be a huge pleasure, but sweltering in traffic jams is fun for no one. Luckily, there are some easy ways to maximise the enjoyable sides of the sun, and cut down on tantrums, arguments and heat-related stress.

Firstly, you need good air conditioning. All Hertz vehicles are regularly inspected and serviced by professionals, ascertaining that every vehicle is up to manufacturer safety standards, so you’ll have more certainty the aircon is working as it should.

If possible, travelling at night is another simple, but effective tip. Obviously, avoid parking your car in the sun, freeze bottles of water, and then wrap them in a towel and keep them handy in the glovebox for a cool drink. You can purchase shades to set up under the windscreen if you absolutely can’t find a parking space out of the sun.

You can also keep a battery-operated fan in the car for extra ventilation. And of course, looking after your car is crucial too. Keep coolant levels topped up; motor oil, brake fluids and even windscreen wash will all need a little extra attention when the mercury starts to rise.

Another important element to check is the volume of air in the tyres. Poorly or over inflated tyres can run hot in scorching spells, a danger you want to avoid.

Tinting your windows can be another option, but you need to check on the legislation where you live, as certain countries maintain different laws on window tinting.

Most importantly, don’t underestimate just how quickly heat can rise in your car. Figures vary, but advisors suggest that temperatures can rise to some 150 degrees in less than an hour in the wrong conditions, so obviously never leave children or pets locked inside a parked car.

Something else to consider is the steering wheel. Black steering wheels, and for that matter gear knobs, can become burning hot to the touch in summer. You can buy covers for these, or if they do become dangerously hot, wait before starting your journey.

Remember, when in the sun, with the windows closed, your car is essentially a mini greenhouse, but one with far less space inside and one that’s coated with metals that attract heat. It really, really pays to park out of the sun. It’s the one top tip you really should pay attention to.

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